‘With Love We Grow’

Charity Work

Here at St Joseph's, we make sure that children are aware of those in need both locally, nationally and globally. Children's personal development and character often comes to the fore during these times, when we give children the chance to show consideration for the needs of others and allow them to be proactive in trying to make a real difference.

Throughout the year, we have fund raising events for such charities as:

CAFOD - World Gifts - unique virtual gifts for families throughout the world living in poverty - can include a water supply; chickens; bees; a vegetable garden - fund raising takes place during Lent and Advent. 

Derian House - a children's hospice near Chorley - Christmas novelties are sold during Advent

Living Waters - a local food bank - our 'Reverse Advent Calendar' runs during Advent when the children give a gift of food each day instead of receiving an Advent calendar chocolate/gift

Royal British Legion - poppies and other novelties are sold during November  as part of learning about remembrance 

Children in Need - fun run usually takes place in November 

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