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Class 6







     Year 6 pupils began the new year and new term by spending a week learning about healthy lifestyle choices. Lessons included a pulse rate investigation which examined how different exercises affect the circulatory system; studying different dangers posed to the human body and ending with the whole class combining to design a nutritious meal perfect for maintaining both a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 


Take a look at our photos of the Year 6 pupils showing their culinary skills. Bon appetit!











   As part of this half-term's science lessons, Year 6 pupils have explored different aspects of the human body. It proved to be a very interesting lesson when pupils were tasked with deciding the position of different organs of the human body. Later pupils did some excellent research on the functions of each of the major organs of the human body.





    All The King's Men

Recently, Year 6 pupils immersed themselves in a full day of drama looking at different events that shaped World War One. Led brilliantly by the facilitator, Rob Beckett, the Year 6 pupils had to learn a full play in a day which was then performed in front of the whole school. The pupils were fully engaged in all the activities which led to the performance and ended the day knowing so much more about WW1 then they had begun the day with.











                                                                  Wassily Kandinsky

       Year 6 pupils have, this half-term, studied the life and artwork of the notable abstract artist, Wassily Kandinsky. Pupils analysed some of his most famous creations (Compositions) before taking inspiration to design some of their own artwork. Take a look at the pictures below.