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Curriculum Overviews

Our curriculum is thematic. This means that the childrens' acquisition of knowledge and skills starts with one area of content but then connects with other subjects/areas of learning reinforcing the core skills and knowledge of literacy and numeracy. This approach is designed to effectively engage the children in sequentially planned knowledge and skills taken from the National Curriculum.  These are then embedded in interesting and enjoyable contexts for learning across the curriculum, bringing the learning to life and making it accessible for all learners.  We then add in our own enrichment opportunities, including cultural capital and local background, to ensure that our children are exposed to a rich and exciting curriculum which equips them for each of the next stages of their learning journeys.  

The classes in KS1 and KS2 cover four themes throughout the year; the themes run for 9 weeks. The two additional weeks of the school year are used for enrichment weeks such as'PSHE Week' or 'Science Week' during which the children are 'immersed' in a subject, having workshops and visitors to engage and inspire them.