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Our School Mission and Values

Our Motto

With love we grow



Our Mission

At St Joseph’s,

we work, learn and grow

together in God’s love


Parental Feedback Summer 2019

'Staff are without exception kind and passionate.'

'All children are cared for and treated as individuals by staff.'

'The school recognises that all children are individuals and celebrates their strengths.'


Together we will...

Grow and share in God’s love

  • Respect and promote spirituality through cross curricular visits, links and visitors
  • Provide opportunities for quality collective worship
  • Enable our pupils to acquire an excellent  religious education through a creative  programme of study
  • Recognise and promote positive role models  by celebrating the achievements of pupils, stakeholders and members of the wider community, past and present
  • Promote a safe, welcoming and sharing community with an ‘open-door’ approach




Create a partnership where everyone works together

  • Build positive relationships through effective communication with parents, carers and other stakeholders
  • Develop positive links between school and the parish community
  • Develop our responsibilities as citizens in the local , national and global community through  active participation, awareness  and fund raising
  • Learn to understand and respect other faiths, beliefs and cultures
  • Use our talents to enrich the lives of others.


Provide an enriching education for all

  • Ensure effective planning and delivery of a rich variety of learning experiences
  • Provide a challenging, differentiated and inclusive curriculum , recognising the needs of all pupils, whatever their abilities
  • Inform and enrich future teaching and learning through effective assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • Provide opportunities for all pupils and stakeholders to develop their gifts, skills and  talents
  • Celebrate achievement to motivate and encourage everyone to achieve their best




This is how we live our mission:

We are gentle

Non-violence; peace; prayer; holiness; dignity; tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

We are kind

Service of neighbour; compassion; sacrifice; partnership; solidarity; example of Jesus

We are honest

Truth; integrity; trust; individual liberty; rule of law

We are respectful

Humility; truth; honesty; dignity; politeness; keeping healthy; stewardship; sustainability; mutual respect; tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

We forgive

Reconciliation; compassion; justice; mercy; love of Jesus; empathy; prayer; mutual respect

We are full of joy

Positivity; recognition of excellence; sharing and celebrating success; holiness; love of Jesus; prayer; solidarity

We have hope

Courage; perseverance; determination; resilience; prayer; self-belief; excellence; solidarity; commitment; sacrifice of Jesus

Mission Week 2019 Animate Youth Ministry Team