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School Council

The School Council have been democratically elected by their classmates. They will meet to discuss issues which their classmates bring to their attention and together, they will find solutions. These may be problems within and around school or new ideas to make our school better for all of the children. By doing this, they have the chance to debate, discuss, listen, suggest, problem solve and be creative. Staff will guide them but the role is theirs to organise and develop. 


Executive Committee 


Chairperson: Holly Salmon

Vice Chairperson: Evie Parker

Secretary: Evie Curley


Year 6

Emilie Girling; Aimee Downes; James Kirkham; Jenny Poole; Phoebe Bourne; Lucy McLennan; Thomas Lee


Year 5

Ronnie O'Shea; Jack Almond


Year 4

Evelyn Clayden; Ruby Federici 


Year 3 

Annabelle Young; Poppy O'Brien