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School Lunches

School Lunches

Children can opt to bring a packed lunch or have a school meal.  For administration purposes, we request that changes from one to the other are only made at half term intervals, preceded by notice in writing.

We operate a healthy eating policy which encourages children to eat a healthy, balanced lunch.  This might include sandwiches, cheese, yoghurts, fruit and a drink in a non-breakable container.(Fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolates are not permitted).

All of our infant pupils are included in the "Universal Infant Free School Meal" programme which entitles all Infant pupils to receive a free school meal.

If your junior child wishes to have a school meal, these are payable for in advance on Friday, at a cost of £2.10 per day (£10.50 per week). This can be paid weekly or termly, whichever is most convenient for you. Payment can be made online via 'Schoolmoney' at your convenience or by cash or cheques (payable to LCC) and should be sent into school in a sealed and clearly marked envelope, indicating your child's name and the amount enclosed. We also operate for juniors "Favourite Food Friday" (at the same charge as above -payable every half term in advance), where pupils who take packed lunches normally can opt to have a school meal on Fridays. This is a very popular option for our packed lunch pupils. Just contact the school office at anytime if you need any more information.

Some children are entitled to have a free school lunch, dependent on parental income and related support.  For more information about this please view where you can access further information and a downloadable form.

School meals are cooked on site by Lancashire County Council staff and this allows us to adapt the menus to accommodate "Favourite Food Friday" and other special meal events.The menus are extensive, appetising and healthy.  The menus are rotated on a regular basis, our current menu can be seen on the link below.