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Year 3

In Class 3 we are a great bunch!

Welcome to Class 3!

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Take a look around Class 3!

Drama workshop with Taylor from the TIME project.

Art and design- painting our modroc volcanoes.

We explored the forces of push and pull on our Scooters.

TIME Music Workshop with Ben McCabe

We made seeded 'Stone Age' bread like Neolithic farmers in Design Technology as part of our Stone Age topic.

TIME Project Drama workshop with Taylor Barnes based on Stone Age hunter gatherers and Neolithic farmers.

Art Workshop 

Class 3 are taking part in the TIME creative arts project this year. We had a special visit from a real Artist called Keith Parkinson. He showed us how to make paints out of different materials like clay, berries and soil. We had fun mixing these new paints and producing our own Stone Age cave art.

Grave Yard Detectives

Children looked at different gravestones, what they are made of (properties) and if/how they are weathered. They searched for the oldest and the rock used. They found two gravestones that were made out of different rocks. They described their appearance and texture (polished, shiny, reflective / dull, dusty, grainy). They observed which gravestones show the most weathering by looking at the letters, the edges of the stone, the level of erosion and the colouring). They answered questions such as:

Do the dates on the gravestones give you a clue?

Is there anything growing on the gravestones?

Stone Age Workshop by 'Delve into History.'

Stone Age workshop - we looked at artefacts, tools, food and clothing from the Stone Age Period.

Role-play: Building Stone Age tepees with sticks and fabric!

We have gathered vegetables from our school garden like hunter -gatherers to make our Stone Age Soup.

Drinking our Stone Age vegetable soup with carrots, parsnips, beetroot, leeks, potatoes, nettles and herbs!