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In Class 4, our future's so BRIGHT, we've got  to                                    wear shades!

                                         Welcome to Class 4!

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Check out our Phenomenal Pharaohs

Each day Miss Issa & Miss Davies will pick one child to be crowned a Pharaoh. To achieve this prestigious award, the children will have to demonstrate tremendous resilience and growth mindset in their learning during maths and English that morning! As a reward, they will spend story time in our class pyramid and read their favourite book. Exciting! 

Triads - Collaborative learning

Triads - Collaborative learning 1
Triads - Collaborative learning 2
Triads - Collaborative learning 3
Triads - Collaborative learning 4
Triads - Collaborative learning 5
Triads - Collaborative learning 6
Triads - Collaborative learning 7
This week we have been learning how to collaboratively assess the work of others in triads. We have listened to and followed the work of others giving them valuable feedback to make their work even better. 

Kung-Fu Punctuation

To help us to use punctuation more accurately, we have used Kung Fu punctuation this week. It has been revolutionary when reading our work out loud as we have been able to hear where to slot in those pesky missing commas and full stops. 

Ordering a World History Timeline

Ordering a World History Timeline 1
Ordering a World History Timeline 2
Ordering a World History Timeline 3
Ordering a World History Timeline 4
Ordering a World History Timeline 5
Ordering a World History Timeline 6
Ordering a World History Timeline 7
Ordering a World History Timeline 8
Ordering a World History Timeline 9

Science - Investigating Melting

Science - Investigating Melting 1
Science - Investigating Melting 2
Science - Investigating Melting 3
Science - Investigating Melting 4
Science - Investigating Melting 5
Science - Investigating Melting 6
Science - Investigating Melting 7

In Science this week we have been observing what happens to the state of solid chocolate when it is heated. We melted milk, white and dark chocolate. First, we made predictions on which chocolate we thought would melt first and why. Then, we carried out the investigation, timing the melting point of each type. To finish we recorded our results and discussed them.


Awful Egyptians - Palace Theatre

Awful Egyptians - Palace Theatre  1
Awful Egyptians - Palace Theatre  2
Awful Egyptians - Palace Theatre  3
Awful Egyptians - Palace Theatre  4
Awful Egyptians - Palace Theatre  5
Awful Egyptians - Palace Theatre  6

We had an absolutely amazing time at the Palace Theatre today watching Awful Egyptians. We learnt all sorts of gruesome things, our favourite being all about mummification!

I was so proud of Year 4 - they represented St Joseph’s beautifully and got into the spirit of it all


Over the last 3 weeks we have had an absolute blast making these amazing paper mache masks. The children are so thrilled with them! Many intend to use them as part of their Halloween costumes and others enjoyed playtime 'chariot racing' on the playground. There was some disagreement about which team won, nevertheless there was side splitting laughter! 


Today we began our science experiment investigating the process of mummification.


In English we have been writing instructions on how to mummify a dead body. We couldn't get our hands on a dead body so decided to mummify a tomato instead. We had lots of fun making natron salt and digging out the insides of a tomato (just like the Ancient Egyptians dug out organs...urgh!) 


Year 4 have made their predictions on what they think their tomato will look like in 2 weeks. What do you think?