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Year 4

Hi Year 4! Hope you're all alright. I am missing you all, the classroom is so quiet without you! Please see attached activities for each week. Complete as much as you can and feel free to send me pictures. 

I have attached a 'suggested' timetable for your home learning activities below. Please note, this is just a suggestion as some parents have asked us to provide structure. 

At the end of this first week of home learning I am left feeling extremely proud of you Year 4. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your emails and seeing the pictures you have sent. Each one left a lasting smile on my face. Each day, I have been excited to see what you have been doing at home, both in your learning and other creative activities you have taken part in. Keep the pictures coming - I expect the same level of brilliance during week 2! 


Why did Gran put wheels on her rocking chair?

Answer will be revealed at the end of week 2 - you're welcome to send me your responses, good luck!



Other Suggested Activities



We Are Teachers have compiled a list of authors doing read alongs at


Audible are offering free audio books for those reluctant readers at 


Check out the family Zone on the Literacy Trust website. There are some great resources, including a Reading Miles Global Challenge and other links to websites to help to keep the children motivated to read.