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Year 5

Hi Year 5! Hope you are all well, healthy, keeping safe and looking after  yourselves. I am missing you all and the classroom is a whole lot quieter without you. To keep you busy in the meanwhile, I have attached some      activities for you to complete each week. Try to complete as much as you can and feel free to send me any pictures.

I have attached a 'suggested' timetable for your home learning activities below. Please note, this is just a suggestion as some parents have asked us to provide structure. Please feel free to adjust the timetable to suit your own plans for each day.

Keep checking the home learning section of the school website for updates to this page over the forthcoming weeks.

Thank you for the comments and photos I have received during the first week of home learning. It is great to hear from so many of you. Please keep sending your photos of any work you complete anything else you are up to.


ICT Ideas - Code Club Projects

Geography quizzes on countries, capitals, flags and more

MFL Activities - French with Madame Russell

Other Suggested Activities for Home Learning


There are some excellent websites that promote the love of reading and are well worth visiting. Here are a few recommendations, but keep looking out for further updates for suggestions.


  • @joshgad is going to read to you and your children every evening whilst children are home learning. His link is as follows:


  • We Are Teachers have compiled a list of author's doing readalongs. The address for this site is as follows: https:/


  • Audible are offering free audio books for those who are sometimes reluctant to read. The address for this site is as follows:
  • Check out the family Zone on the Literacy Trust website. There are some great resources, including a Reading Miles Global Challenge and other links to websites to help to keep the children motivated to read.