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       In Class 6 we are aspiring to great things!

Welcome to Class 6!

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Low Bank Ground March 2020

Young Voices 2020

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22 of our year 6 children represented the school at Young Voices in Manchester on Friday 31st January. They sang and danced their hearts out and had a wonderful time! They made Mrs Canavan and the rest of the staff very proud!

Tell Everybody I'm On My Way

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I Couldn't Do This Without You

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Mimi Kusimama

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Year 6 are enjoying using their maths journals to explore new concepts. Here, the children were exploring ratio for the first time so they used their journals to compare the number of boys and girls in an image in as many ways as possible.

Outdoor learning day- 21st November 2019

We loved our outdoor learning day this week. We enjoyed many activities and not even the cold weather could dampen our spirits!

We started with an activity called 'Robert's Finger'. Year 6 had to collect as many sticks/twigs as they could from around the school grounds. They then got into groups and nominated one person to choose a stick. They were then told that the stick they had chosen would represent that child's little finger, and that they were to make a model of that child based on this. This made it rather challenging for the groups that chose the biggest sticks and helped us to start to better understand ratio and proportion. 

We had little breaks throughout the day where children snuggled under blankets and listened to a story.

We planted some perennials that will brighten our class bed during summer, and some daffodils that will look beautiful in Spring.


EYFS Buddies

Year 6 help the children in EYFS at lunchtime and during assembly. They are a big help, making sure that the younger children have everything they need.

Music: Anthems

After exploring national anthems from all over the world, Year 6 have enjoyed composing their own with Mrs Rice.



Year 6 have been researching and investigating evolution and adaptation this half term. They particularly enjoyed their investigation into how varying adaptations to birds' beaks would affect how much food they could gather.


Year 6 Harvest Assembly

Year 6 shared an important message during their class assembly, all about brightening up our world by giving to CAFOD this harvest time to help those who are most in need.

Rally Coaching

Year 6 have found rally coaching particularly useful recently when tackling long division. They have taken it in turns to coach their partner through challenging problems, asking questions to prompt when help is needed and encouraging each other to work with determination.


After being shocked by what they had learned about child workers during our Victorians topic, Year 6 had the opportunity to experience a day in the life of child mill workers. They were given jobs to do and learned about the dangers of working in a cotton mill. Year 6 particularly enjoyed the school room and were horrified by the terrible sleeping arrangements for apprentice children!