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Enrichment Activities

To enhance our curriculum and to provide additional memorable, practical and enjoyable learning experiences for our pupils, we offer a wide variety of cross curricular and subject specific enrichment activities across the year. 

These activities are chosen specifically to enhance the curriculum and to add to the personal development of the children. They are monitored to ensure that their impact is positive and effective in terms of developing pupils' self esteem; resilience; character; global awareness; culture capital as well as the enhancement of themes with memorable, first hand experiences.

Most recently these activities have included:


  • Performing on stage to a real audience at Christmas and at the end of the year
  • Choir 
  • Forest School sessions 
  • Sharing work with audiences during assemblies
  • Following a map to find our way on our Year 6 residential 
  • Planting vegetables, harvesting them, cooking with them and eating it!
  • Baking and Bake Off competitions
  • Educational visits to museums, cinemas, theatres, libraries, 
  • Athletics and sporting activities and competitions with Chorley Schools Sports Partnership and Chorley Athletics
  • Workshops in school - Stone Age; Anglo Saxons 
  • Bikeability - from Reception to Year Six
  • Buddy systems  - EYFS with Year Six children; 
  • Young Voices - singing event at the MEN Arena , Manchester
  • Visits from the Fire Service, Ambulance and the Police
  • Run a mile a day project
  • Outdoor Learning in the school garden and on the field
  • Lunchtime organised physical activity and team games
  • After school and breakfast clubs across the year, both sporting and non sporting
  • Curriculum competitions and enrichment days at local schools including high schools

The list goes on and on...

Parental feedback 
Many thanks again to all the staff and the PTFA for the time, effort and hard work which you have all put in over the last 12 months. My grand daughter and I am sure, many other pupils, have benefited greatly from all the academic, social and extra curricular activities which have been made available to them. 

It has been another happy year for her and the sense of community along with the general ethos promoted by the school has ensured that her enthusiasm and enjoyment of school life has not diminished.  

After School Clubs
Throughout the year, we have after school clubs on every night. These clubs change each half term and are on offer throughout KS1 and KS2. We rotate the clubs so that each year group have the chance to try something new. We report to parents on the uptake of these clubs on the interim trackers sent home termly in the hope that parents will come to realise that these aspects of school life are very important. Children's personal and social development is enhanced by such a variety of differing experiences as well as giving them additional physical activity and skills.

The physical activity/sports clubs are mainly run by coaches from Chorley schools Sports Partnership CSSP, and are free for all children. They include dance, basketball, gymnastics, athletics, multi skills, hockey and football to name but a few. Often teams for local competitions are chosen from the children who have attended clubs and gained some skills in a particular sport but this is not always the case. Staff keep a record of children's attendance at clubs and participation in competitions and it is out aim, that every child will find a club which they enjoy and a competition which they can represent the school in by the time they leave us at the end of KS2.

In addition to the sports clubs, we also have Jam Coding Computing Club; CraftEd - an art and craft club and a board games club.

Our year 6 children have 'Buddies' in EYFS. They partner up with their Buddy at various times of the week.  

Enrichment Days/Weeks
Throughout the year, we also hold 'Enrichment Days or Weeks'. These enable us to devote extra time to specific events or subjects, enabling us to give greater focus and celebration to topics of choice. These are planned sequentially to ensure coverage of important national and international events, as well as providing balanced curriculum enrichment.

Charity Work 

Here at St Joseph's, we make sure that children are aware of those in need both locally, nationally and globally. Children's personal development and character often comes to the fore during these times, when we give children the chance to show consideration for the needs of others and allow them to be proactive in trying to make a real difference.

Throughout the year, we have fund raising events for such charities as:

CAFOD - World Gifts - unique virtual gifts for families throughout the world living in poverty - can include a water supply; chickens; bees; a vegetable garden - fund raising takes place during Lent and Advent. 

Derian House - a children's hospice near Chorley - Christmas novelties are sold during Advent

Living Waters - a local food bank - our 'Reverse Advent Calendar' runs during Advent when the children give a gift of food each day instead of receiving an Advent calendar chocolate/gift

Royal British Legion - poppies and other novelties are sold during November  as part of learning about remembrance 



Extra curricular clubs every night, termly 

Cauliflower Christmas cards - children's own design, printed to sell with child's name on the back 

Jam Coding after school club all year

Masses throughout the year

School Council elections

Halloween Disco

School photographs

Young Voices singing event - MEN Arena, Manchester 

Science days 

Year 6 Bikeability 

CSSP sporting competitions throughout the year 

With You Always - Year 4 Sacramental programme for First Confession and First Communion 

Scholastic Book Fair

Christmas plays

Christmas Jumper day

Christmas parties 

Carol services 

CAFOD World gifts fundraising

CAFOD Lenten Walk 

Author events 

PTFA Easter Bingo 

EYFS trip to Bradley's Farm

Sports Days 

Year 2 trip to Chester Zoo

EYFS Teddy Bear's Picnic 

Year 6 end of year show 

Local cricket competitions  

Yogi group - yoga for children NHS 

Year 6 residential - Tower Wood, Cumbria  

EYFS Bikeability 

PTFA - Break the Rules Day 

Local walks

Remembrance Events 

Stone Age and Anglo Saxon Workshops  - History 

Y5 Science Competition -  Holy Cross High School

Y3 trip to Bolton Museum

Y5 trip to Lancaster Museum

Y5 Spelling Bee Holy Cross 

Running events on the track including fun runs

Outdoor Learning days 

Forest School

Live simply Award

CAFOD workshops 

Safer Internet Day

Poppy Appeal - British Legion Award

C5 Science Day -Holy Cross High School 

Instrumental tuition music concert for parents - guitar, keyboard 


Parental Feedback 

I think that XXXX has beeen a fantastic teacher with XXXX. Her confidence has grown because she has been encouraged to get involved with all kinds of sporting activities. I can't keep up with all the letters she's received about different sports competitions she's been involved in! 

Parental Feedback 
'The enrichment activities offered by the school are a strength.'

'Interesting visitors  - workshops from outside and good provision of extra curricular activity.'

'There is so much to do - fantastic opportunities.' 

Music Tuition
High quality music education enables lifelong participation in, and enjoyment of, music. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and to make music with others.

Our key provider for tuition is Lancashire Music Service who are able to provide pupils with the opportunity to engage with extra curricular guitar and keyboard. 



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